Up for sale German WWII anti tank smoke grenade Blendkorper 2 H, ( BK2H)

Smoke grenades Blendkorper 2H. Grenade consists of two glass jars nested into each other.

Outer pot - a housing filled with a mixture of titanium tetrachloride and silicon tetrachloride.

To invest in it a glass "tube" filled with 36 grams. calcium chloride.

Principle of operation - after the destruction of the housing grenades ingredients of the mixture react chemically

as a result of which there is a very bright flash and a cloud of thick smoke, which does not dissipate for 15-20 seconds,

blinding the crew of the tank. Tear component grenades forced the crew to leave the tank.

The titanium tetrachloride vapors irritate the upper respiratory tract, causing inhalation burning sensation, coughing, chest tightness.

Once on the skin, the chemical can cause pain, redness, blisters may form.

Most dangerous is the contact with eyes, resulting in severe burns of the retina, which have long persisted.

Total empty glass housing parts , few items available nearly pictured condition. 

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Blendkorper 2 H german WWII smoke glass hand grenade body

  • Brand: German
  • Product Code: BK 2H
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  • $39.99

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