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Up for sale is a 100% original 1944 made PU optic sniper sight.

The first 2 digits of the number of the sights made in Tatarstan are the last 2 digits of the year of production.

Made by NKV-237 plant in Kazan. 

The sights made by this factory are Rare, I mean really rare, only about 7% from all PU made are made in Kazan.

The sight uses early type body that was used on the Tokarev SVT PU optic sights.

It comes directly from Russian warehouse and is still covered with some conservation grease.

It is not arsenal refubrished and has no refinishing markings on the body what is also rare and desirable for a real collector.

The only post-WWII markings is the number made by electric pencil on the mount.

The sight comes with original Izhevsk made mount with very clear stamp.

Condition is good, the optics are good but taking in to the account the time of production, please do not expect the modern optics quality, it can be a bit dim and with some imperfections, it was meant to be cheap and effective like all Russian WWII equipment, not more than that.

Elevation and windage are working good.

There are several scratches and some spots of minimal oxidation damage on the sight body that does not affect functioning and is normal for WWII made and used items that had never been refubrished.

If you want it to work better, you should make a good cleaning inside and outside, after all, it has spent almost 60 years conservated in the warehouse, covered with layer of famious Russian cosmoline and it did not went the de-conservation process.

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Mosin Nagant 1891/30 PU sniper optic sight. 1944 Kazan made in early body. Izhevsk mount

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